Azurepower race pro 5045 5×4.5×3 3 Blades


The Azure 5045 5×4.5×3 are designed by a bunch of crazy engineers that spent time developing other aeronautical props for planes, liking the shape of the airfoil to a jet turbine engine.

Most descriptions at this point will give some technical specifications, but we just went out and tested them.

We were super surprised by how they flew as we were sceptical at first thinking it was some black magic at how insanely good they are! Easily our favourite 5 inch prop of all time.

Choices: we smashed and bashed the PC props and they don’t die. Super efficiency, great power delivery characteristics. Good for freestyle


  • 2x Azure Power 5045 5×4.5×3 3 Blades (2CW)
  • 2x Azure Power 5045 5×4.5×3 3 Blades (2CCW)



Black, Pink, Yellow



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