Happymodel EX0802 KV19000 New Brushless Motors for Tinywhoop(Pack of 4)


Happymodel EX0802 KV19000/KV22000/KV14000 New Brushless Motors for Tinywhoop(Pack of 4) 

Happymodel EX’s new 0802 whoop special motor, adhering to the consistent style of the Happymodel brushless motor with high quality and high cost performance, using tile-shaped magnets, high-precision CNC housing, high efficiency, good dynamic balance, and low heat generation. The latest model adopts integrated external rotor design, compact structure, more robust and durable, the lightest 0802 brushless motor is a common configuration of 65-85mm brushless Whoop.

The lightest 0802 brushless motors around the world only 1.7g
Double E-clip design, prevent Motor bell to flying off
Good Dynamic balance

Brand name: Happymodel
Item name: EX0802 brushless motor
KV: 14000KV 19000KV 22000KV optional
Shaft Diameter: 1.0mm
Configuration: 9N12P
Stator Diameter: 8mm
Stator Length: 2mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len): Φ10.5mm*14.9mm
Terminals: JST1.25mm
No. of Cells(Lipo):
19000KV/22000KV compatible with only 1S lipo
14000KV compatible with 1-2S lipo
Wire length(include connector):
14000KV/19000KV: 27mm
22000KV: 40mm
Weight: 1.7g

Package Included:
4* EX0802 19000KV/22000KV/14000KV brushless motor

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