Hawkeye Little Pilot Master Edition 2.5 960×240 5.8G 350lux FPV Digital Monitor


Brand: Hawkeye
Model: Little Pilot
Item:Master Edition FPV HD Monitor

Master Edition Specification:
Display resolution:960×240
Size:2.5 inch
Brightness:350 Lux
Aspect ratio:16:9
Response time :<10ms
Color system : PAL/NTSC
Battery life:About 1.5-2 hours(2.5inch)
Size: 9*7.2*1.7CM (2.5 inches),
Net weight: 55g-2.5 inch, 110g-3.5 inch
5.8G Sensitivity:-94dB
Matching antenna:RP-SMA(inner hole)
Video Input/Output:3.5mm interface, can be inserted into DJI Goggles directly.
Voltage:Micro USB, 5V
Color: Black

Frequency Group Selection:
You can select the desired frequency from 6 groups: A,B,C,D,E and F:
A              B             C            D             E              F
1  5.645G    5.740G    5.725G    5.733G    5.658G    5.362G
2  5.665G    5.760G    5.745G    5.752G    5.695G    5.399G
3  5.865G    5.780G    5.765G    5.771G    5.732G    5.436G
4  5.705G    5.800G    5.785G    5.790G    5.769G    5.473G
5  5.885G    5.820G    5.805G    5.809G    5.806G    5.510G
6  5.905G    5.840G    5.825G    5.828G    5.843G    5.547G
7  5.925G    5.860G    5.845G    5.847G    5.880G    5.584G
8  5.945G    5.880G    5.865G    5.866G    5.917G    5.621G

Package included:
1x Monitor
1x Antenna
1x 3.5mm video cable
1x Manual
1x Sticker

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