Mamba F4 F722


Product description


Diatone’s Mamba series gives racers an edge in competition. The latest F7 processing technology means you can focus on flying, not on the limits of your equipment.

F722 APP Update Details

  • BT to WiFi
  • USB power supply can use receiver, OSD
  • Add a group of I2C pads (SCL SDA)
  • Add inverter Dual-Way TX serial port
  • Add 2812 LED switch function, key can turn off led
  • Add 4 corner LED interface to support BF led and Mamba led
  • Upgrade to stronger type-C, optimize pad position


Note: The STM32F722 generates much heat, please leave at least 5mm on both sides of the FC to give good air circulation.

SpecificationsFC Specifications

  • MCU: 216MHz STM32F722RET6 32BIT
  • IMU: MPU6000
  • Barometer: No
  • Blacbox: 16M Flash Memory
  • Uarts: 6Set
  • ESC Soft: Dshot300/600/1200
  • ESC Telemetry: RX6
  • LED indicator: Blue&Orange for FC Status,Green 9V,White 5V,Red 3.3V

LED Controller:BF LED/MB LED (4 Set 2812 LED)

  • WIFI: SpeedyBee APP
  • Smartaudio: Yes
  • Buzz: Yes
  • Input: 3~6S Lipo (12.6~25V)
  • TVS Protection: Yes

BEC: 5V 2.5A & 9V 2A (Max 3A)

  • MOUNTING: 30.5mm/M3 WEIGHT: 9g
  • Supply :
  • 8pin sh1.0 *1
  • Smartaudio: Yes
  • Buzz: Yes
  • Input: 3~6S Lipo (12.6~25V)
  • VTS Protection: Yes




  • 1x Diatone Mamba F722 APP Flight Controller

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